We have all learned now..that to judge anyone about anything is not only unnecessary ,harmful and really quiet foolish,but is the source of so much misery and conflict on our Planet.Because we know that all of this is just a twinkle of an eye when compared to Eternity .Each person has chosen the place they are in.They are there to learn ,whatever lesson they may have decided they need, to awaken from the illusion that they are separate from their Source.It may be a place that is so far from where we think we should be…But it is their choice.Not ours.We have chosen our own place…We walk through many changes in our lives….We have experienced many things since we started this journey.We know this now…To allow someone to discover the wonders of their life is what we all want in our own life.To be left alone to find out why.And thats OK…Who are we to even ‘think’ that we know what is best for someone else.When we can’t even understand our own life.Learning to allow others to move through their changes..will help calm our world ,will help us reach out and with a sincere motive,walk with those who we have chosen to cross our Path.
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Went to the farmer’s market and picked up a red snapper filet and a couple artichokes. Cookin fancy tonight!

Went to the farmer’s market and picked up a red snapper filet and a couple artichokes. Cookin fancy tonight!


Had an awesome ride at Ciclavia today!

Philosophizing @ Griffith Park

Philosophizing @ Griffith Park


Last night I went on the most awesome bike ride. The ride goes around west LA to secret locations where bands start playing as the crew rides up. The group of riders is called FMLY and positivity and love are enforced. The guy who runs it wears a chicken suit and screams “We are a family!” everywhere they ride. I only stayed with the group for the first couple hours and got see an awesome band called Professor Calculus. Check the vid.


@ 15 - The Roots

The name of the brother to blame
It’s quite plain, it’s not the rain
But a brother who don’t claim or aim
to be a preacher or ordained
I have Black Thoughts, therefore my names the same
Don’t question my ability, in a studio facility
As I utilize my God-given utility
On time, I get behind and push along a rhyme
of mine, which I design, with what? The mind
Leave MC’s blind with amnesia
Chop ‘em into salad and my name ain’t Caesar
Think twice before you approach
Get benched by the coach like exit post
I wrote murder, so you can say it’s Murder He Wrote
You think I’m Hell sent, so you repent to the Pope
Don’t walk when the sign says not to
And don’t talk when Black Thought’s about to
When I say “Maestro” and bro starts to play it
If you got a rhyme in your mind, then don’t say it
Save it for the weaker, pack your portable speaker
and utilize the treads on your sneaker
Take your sorry crew back and forget about rappin’
Forget you ever saw me and forget this ever happened
'Cause you might have nightmares of MC's bein' slain
And I’ll be to blame when you go insane